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Blackberries and Currant Jam Cream 220gr

The extra jam of blackberries and currant vanilla is obtained exclusively with fruit we produce, grown in natural and eco-sustainable manner.

Creamy, easily spreadable, is velvety to the absence of the classic semi blackberries and currants. The sweet taste of blackberries is opposed by the currants, the scent of the seeds of the vanilla pod Bourbon makes this very special jam. Particularly suitable for breakfast or to make cakes and pies, finds its exaltation in making cheesecakes, but it is also indicated to flavor the plain yogurt and garnish with vanilla ice cream or panna cotta.

Ingredients: blackberries, sugar, currants, vanilla.

craftsmanship, without preservatives or thickeners and dyes

Format Glass Jar 220gr
Origin Avellino - Italy
Region Campania
How To Use
Recommended recipes To taste spread on bread for breakfast energy, it is perfect for the apple strudel.
Warnings Caution!! for allergy sufferers look good the ingredients before buying