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Cannellini Beans from Norcia 500gr

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Considered a time of peasant dishes delicious plates, today legumes are one of the most complete foods available to man by nature. Particularly appreciated for the excellent supply of vegetable protein, it is likely to produce creative and tasty recipes to be presented as first courses, or simply as outlines.

in the  popular tradition, the beans were considered of immortality symbol for their prerogative to regain freshness with the simple immersion in water, a sort of real regeneration.Carriers of this unique value cannellini beans have become one of the most consumed legumes in our country.

High in fiber and protein, they are a food naturally low in salt, representing a true ally for a varied and balanced diet.

Norcia Beans
Format Celophane 500gr
Origin Norcia - Italy
Region Umbria
How To Use
Recommended recipes it is recommended to combine it with pasta, or to prepare the salad, or with sausages it is important that the beans are put in the water for 12 hours, before boil
Warnings caution!! for allergy sufferers look good the ingredients before buying