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Italian Dried Pollen 115gr

  • Brand: Villa Sorbo
  • Product Code: 0147
  • Reward Points: 5
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Rich in vitamins, proteins, enzymes, minerals and amino acids (the recognized presence of 21 of the 23 known amino acids), has various actions on our body because it acts Silla bowel function; And an anti-anemic thanks to the High amount of protein and is an Important Help for those with diets low in protein or ah A particularly stressful life.

USE: The Moment More suitable to consume And in the morning fasting, before breakfast or snack. The dose of More Indicated And a teaspoon for children (ca 5 g) and a soup spoon for The Adults (ca 20 g).

Storage: dry, cool AND LOCATION Away from Heat and moisture sources.

Format Glass Jar 115gr
Origin Caserta - Italy
Region Campania
Warnings caution!! for allergy sufferers look good the ingredients before buying