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Italian Orange Flower Honey 120gr

  • Brand: Villa Sorbo
  • Product Code: 0144
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Among the various types of honey that we find on the market, honey orange is characterized by the richness of vitamin B12, which is known in the medical environment for the positive effects it causes on the nervous system and brain. Vitamin B12 is in fact used to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, gives strength and also improves appetite.

For this the orange honey is particularly suitable for those who want to get a relaxing and regenerative effect at the end of the working day or before going to bed. The relaxation-inducing, not to be confused with drowsiness, helps fight anxiety and thereby improve the rest.

Moreover, always for effect of vitamin B12 contained in it, taken before meals encourages the appetite but above becomes an excellent depurative while in case it had eaten too much, for its soothing action on the nervous system, proves a perfect natural remedy for calm the stomach and their stomach pains.

The orange honey is characterized by an intense aroma, a very light color and a delicate aroma that make it perfect to replace sugar in drinks such as tea.

Format Glass Jar
Origin Caserta - Italy
Region Campania
Warnings caution!! for allergy sufferers look good the ingredients before buying