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Italian Sulla Flower Honey 120gr

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The on (Hedysarium coronarium, of the legume family) is grown as forage in the center and especially in Southern Italy, but also grows in the form reinselvatichita or spontaneous, on uncultivated land. He prefers clay soils, but also adapts well to poor soils. It blooms in May-June.

The honey is on a typically Italian production (the only other known single-flower production North Africa), and comes mainly from areas where the crop is maintained (Abruzzo, Molise, Calabria, Sicily and Tuscany to a lesser extent).

organoleptic characteristics

It 'a honey that crystallizes spontaneously, forming a compact mass of medium or fine crystals. It looks colorless to pale yellow when it is liquid; white to light beige when cristallizza.cartina_it_sulla

Both taste the smell is of low intensity, the taste is too sweet, tending to acid and slightly persistent.

Certain words or expressions used to describe the smell: slightly vegetal, slightly floral with herbal, generic notes of honey, straw, dry grass.

Some words or phrases to describe the taste / aroma: vegetable, green beans (string bean), hay, fresh walnuts, with a fruity component, with dates, of nougat, fresh dairy product.

For its delicate characteristics, balanced and non-invasive it is one of the honeys used for the preparation of hard nougat and generally lends itself to any type

Origin Caserta - Italy
Region Campania
Warnings caution!! for allergy sufferers look good the ingredients before buying