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Pre baked wholemeal spelled flour 400gr

  • Brand: Casale1485
  • Product Code: 01101
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The Cous Cous of Casale1485 is an Italian cous cous made with 100% whole spelled flour, which gives it its typical brown color to the granules. The Cous Cous to the full Farro is pre-cooked and easy to prepare, is ready in 5 minutes and is ideal for those who have very little time to spend at the stove, but want to prepare tasty and always different dishes.

The Cous Cous in the kitchen, as a first course, is an excellent substitute for pasta and rice, in hot or cold dishes; Cous Cous to the full Farro is an excellent accompaniment for mixed vegetables, legumes, meat or fish sauce rich and can only be topped off with some 'extra virgin olive oil. In addition, the Cous Cous to the full Spelt is a special base for all your summer salads, season to taste like rice salads or spelled.

The Cous Cous to the Casale1485 integral Spelt is packaged in a protective atmosphere to preserve longer the freshness and fragrance and each pack is a traditional recipe.

Barley Flavor
Format 400gr
Origin Colfiorito - Italy
Region Umbria
How To Use
Recommended recipes it is recommended to cook soup
Warnings caution!! for allergy sufferers look good the ingredients before buying